Chiba Implementation Status
This table reflects the current status of Chiba Core CVS HEAD in regard to XForms 1.0 (Second Edition) and XForms 1.0 Second Edition Recommendation Errata.
open - 13partly - 13ready - 169not applicable - 26

2 Introduction to XForms
2.1 Example   
2.2 Providing XML Instance Data   
2.3 Constraining Values   
2.4 Mutliple Forms per Document   
3 Document Structure
3.1 The XForms Namespace   
3.2 XForms Core Attribute Collections   
3.2.1 Common Attributes   
3.2.2 Linking Attributes   
3.2.3 Single-Node Binding Attributes   
3.2.4 Node-Set Binding Attributes   
3.2.5 Model Item Property Attributes   
3.3 The XForms Core Module   
3.3.1 The model Element   
3.3.2 The instance element   
3.3.3 The submission Element  the 'includenamespaceprefixes' attribute is not supported yet 
3.3.4 The bind Element   
3.4 The MustUnderstand Module  not supported yet 
3.5 The XForms Extension Module   
3.5.1 The extension Element   
4 Processing Model
4.1 Events Overview   
4.2 Initialization Events   
4.2.1 The xforms-model-construct Event   
4.2.2 The xforms-model-construct-done Event   
4.2.3 The xforms-ready Event   
4.2.4 The xforms-model-destruct Event   
4.3 Interaction Events   
4.3.1 The xforms-next and xforms-previous Events  no focus processing on the server side 
4.3.2 The xforms-focus Event  no focus processing on the server side 
4.3.3 The xforms-help and xforms-hint Events  not dispatched yet 
4.3.4 The xforms-refresh Event   
4.3.5 The xforms-revalidate Event   
4.3.6 The xforms-recalculate Event   
4.3.7 The xforms-rebuild Event   
4.3.8 The xforms-reset Event   
4.3.9 The xforms-submit Event   
4.4 Notification Events   
4.4.1 The DOMActivate Event   
4.4.2 The xforms-value-changed Event   
4.4.3 The xforms-select and xforms-deselect Events   
4.4.4 The xforms-scroll-first and xforms-scroll-last Events   
4.4.5 The xforms-insert and xforms-delete Events   
4.4.6 The xforms-valid Event   
4.4.7 The xforms-invalid Event   
4.4.8 The DOMFocusIn Event   
4.4.9 The DOMFocusOut Event   
4.4.10 The xforms-readonly Event   
4.4.11 The xforms-readwrite Event   
4.4.12 The xforms-required Event   
4.4.13 The xforms-optional Event   
4.4.14 The xforms-enabled Event   
4.4.15 The xforms-disabled Event   
4.4.16 The xforms-in-range Event  not supported yet 
4.4.17 The xforms-out-of-range Event  not supported yet 
4.4.18 The xforms-submit-done Event   
4.4.19 The xforms-submit-error Event   
4.5 Error Indications   
4.5.1 The xforms-binding-exception Event   
4.5.2 The xforms-link-exception   
4.5.3 The xforms-link-error Event  not dispatched yet 
4.5.4 The xforms-compute-exception Event  not dispatched yet 
4.6 Event Sequencing   
4.6.1 For input, secret, textarea, range, or upload Controls   
4.6.2 For output Controls   
4.6.3 For select or select1 Controls   
4.6.4 For trigger Controls   
4.6.5 For submit Controls   
4.6.6 Sequence: Selection Without Value Change   
4.6.7 Sequence: Value Change   
4.6.8 Sequence: Activating a Trigger   
4.6.9 Sequence: Submission   
5 Datatypes
5.1 XML Schema Built-in Datatypes   
5.2 XForms Datatypes   
5.2.1 xforms:listItem   
5.2.2 xforms:listItems   
5.2.3 xforms:dateTimeDuration   
5.2.4 xforms:yearMonthDuration   
6 Model Item Properties
6.1 Model Item Property Definitions   
6.1.1 The type Property   
6.1.2 The readonly Property   
6.1.3 The required Property   
6.1.4 The relevant Property   
6.1.5 The calculate Property   
6.1.6 The constraint Property   
6.1.7 The p3ptype Property   
6.2 Schema Constraints   
6.2.1 Atomic Datatype   
7 XPath Expressions in XForms
7.1 XPath Datatypes   
7.2 Feature string for the hasFeature method call  not supported yet 
7.3 Instance Data   
7.3.1 The getInstanceDocument() Method   
7.3.2 The rebuild() Method   
7.3.3 The recalculate() Method   
7.3.4 The revalidate() Method   
7.3.5 The refresh() Method   
7.4 Evaluation Context   
7.5 Binding Expressions   
7.5.1 Dynamic Dependencies   
7.5.2 Model Binding Expressions   
7.5.3 UI Binding Expressions   
7.5.4 UI Binding in other XML vocabularies  'repeat-*' attributes are supported 
7.5.5 Binding Examples   
7.6 XForms Core Function Library   
7.7 Boolean Functions   
7.7.1 The boolean-from-string() Function   
7.7.2 The if() Function   
7.8 Number Functions   
7.8.1 The avg() Function   
7.8.2 The min() Function   
7.8.3 The max() Function   
7.8.4 The count-non-empty() Function   
7.8.5 The index() Function   
7.9 String Functions   
7.9.1 The property() Function   
7.10 Date and Time Functions   
7.10.1 The now() Function   
7.10.2 The days-from-date() Function   
7.10.3 The seconds-from-dateTime() Function   
7.10.4 The seconds() Function   
7.10.5 The months() Function   
7.11 Node-set Functions   
7.11.1 The instance() Function   
7.12 Extension Functions  does not throw xforms-compute-exception yet 
8 Form Controls
8.1 The XForms Form Controls Module  the 'navindex' attribute is not supported yet 
8.1.1 Implementation Requirements Common to All Form Controls   
8.1.2 The input Element  the 'inputmode' attribute is not supported yet 
8.1.3 The secret Element  the 'inputmode' attribute is not supported yet 
8.1.4 The textarea Element  the 'inputmode' attribute is not supported yet 
8.1.5 The output Element   
8.1.6 The upload Element   
8.1.7 The range Element  binding to date/dateTime/duration datatypes is not supported yet 
8.1.8 The trigger Element   
8.1.9 The submit Element   
8.1.10 The select Element  the 'selection' attribute is not supported yet 
8.1.11 The select1 Element  the 'selection' attribute is not supported yet 
8.2 Common Markup for Selection Controls   
8.2.1 The choices Element   
8.2.2 The item Element   
8.2.3 The value Element   
8.3 Additional Elements   
8.3.1 The filename Element   
8.3.2 The mediatype Element   
8.3.3 The label Element   
8.3.4 The help Element   
8.3.5 The hint Element   
8.3.6 The alert Element   
9 XForms User Interface
9.1 The XForms Group Module   
9.1.1 The group Element   
9.2 The XForms Switch Module   
9.2.1 The switch Element   
9.2.2 The case Element   
9.2.3 The toggle Element   
9.3 The XForms Repeat Module   
9.3.1 The repeat Element  the 'startindex' and 'number' attributes are not supported yet 
9.3.2 Creating Repeating Structures Via Attributes   
9.3.3 The itemset Element   
9.3.4 The copy Element  not supported yet 
9.3.5 The insert Element   
9.3.6 The delete Element   
9.3.7 The setindex Element   
9.3.8 Repeat Processing   
9.3.9 Nested Repeats   
9.3.10 User Interface Interaction   
10 XForms Actions
10.1 The XForms Action Module   
10.1.1 The action Element   
10.1.2 The dispatch Element   
10.1.3 The rebuild Element   
10.1.4 The recalculate Element   
10.1.5 The revalidate Element   
10.1.6 The refresh Element   
10.1.7 The setfocus Element   
10.1.8 The load Element   
10.1.9 The setvalue Element   
10.1.10 The send Element   
10.1.11 The reset Element   
10.1.12 The message Element   
10.1.13 Actions insert, delete and setindex   
11 Submit
11.1 The xforms-submit Event   
11.2 Submission Options   
11.3 Serialization as application/xml   
11.4 Serialization as multipart/related   
11.5 Serialization as multipart/form-data   
11.6 Serialization as application/x-www-form-urlencoded   
11.7 The post, multipart-post, form-data-post, and urlencoded-post Submit Methods   
11.8 The put Submit Method   
11.9 The get Submit Method   
1 Initializing repeat with startindex
1.1 Repeat re-initialization during delete action (Section 9.3.6)  the 'startindex' and 'number' attributes are not supported yet  
2 Submission error on empty nodeset
2.1 Default action of xforms-submit event (Section 11.1)   
3 Evaluation Context for setindex Action
3.1 Specify evaluation context for index attribute of setindex (Section 9.3.7)   
4 Behavior of setvalue Action
4.1 The setvalue Action Behavior on Empty Single-Node Binding (Section 10.1.9)   
5 Deferred Update of XForms Action Sequences
5.1 Main Description of Deferred Update   
5.2 Clarify Deferred Update Behavior within Specific Action Subsections   
5.3 Further Clarify that rebuild, recalculate, revalidate and refresh Actions Occur Directly   
5.4 Clarify that the Instance Replacement of a Submission Clears Deferred Update Flags   
6 Clarify that calculate assigns a string
6.1 Specify that calculate assigns a string value (Section 6.1.5)   
7 The load Element
7.1 Clarify that linking attributes is a reference to the resource attribute (Section 10.1.8)   
7.2 The load Action Behavior on Empty Single-Node Binding (Section 10.1.8)   
8 Align Schema with Recommendation for instance Attribute
9 Express an ID attribute in Common Attributes
10 Clarify XForms Type Validation
10.1 Type Validation (Section 4.3.5)  structural validation (complexTypes) not supported yet 
10.2 The type Model Item Property Description  structural validation (complexTypes) not supported yet 
11 Recalculation Clarification
12 Clarification of Precedence Rule for value Element
13 Clarification of User Interface Creation for message Action
14 Clarification of Dispatching Events from Model Construct
15 Clarification of Default Processing of Model Construct Done Event
16 Access to Default Instance by instance() Function
16.1 The getInstanceDocument() DOM function   
16.2 The instance() XPath function   
17 Binding Expressions and Evaluation Context
17.1 Clarify Single-Node Binding Attributes   
17.2 Clarify Node-Set Binding Attributes   
17.3 Evaluation Context   
17.4 Clarify Binding Expression Definition   
17.5 Clarify Function Library for XPaths   
18 The case and toggle Elements
18.1 Default for selected Attribute   
18.2 Actions in Element case   
18.3 Order of Events and Behaviors in toggle Action   
19 Defaults for bubbles and cancelable Attributes of dispatch
20 The action Attribute on submission is Optional
21 The method Attribute includes multipart-post
22 Clarifications for Binding Attributes
22.1 Single-Node Binding   
22.2 Node-Set Binding   
23 Attributes of bind Element are Optional
24 Clarification of Optional Attributes in Form Controls
25 Single Node Binding Misnamed on input Element
26 The resource Attribute is Optional on the load Element
27 Event Sequence for submit Element
28 Data Model Update on Submission